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Other inventory equipment available

  • Refrigerator, ice maker machine, microwave and distilled water machine 

  • Microscopes slides and cover slips

  • Petri dish (variety of sizes)

  • Capillary tubes (variety of sizes)

  • Gloves (variety) Sterile, electric, PVC or nitrile

  • Dissection plates, scalpels, scissors

  • Test tubes (variety sizes and styles) Disposable or crystal

  • Test tube racks (variety) Wood, metal, plastic and test tube holders

  • Rulers (variety) Inches, centimeters or measuring tape (30 meters)

  • Ultraviolet Lamp (UB)

  • Microplates, wellplates or lab wells (variety of sizes and quantity) 

  • Triple Beam Balances or Spring scales

  • Tweezers or Forceps, scoopula, lab tongs

  • Glass bottles (variety of sizes)

  • Funnels (variety) Ceramic, crystal or plastic

  • Conductivity testers

  • Vernier Lab Quest 2 mini computer with a variety of sensors

  • Pasco Spark mini computer with a variety of sensors

  • Crystal Buret (variety of mL) and Crystal pipet (variety of mL)

  • Pipet plunger or pipet bulbs 

  • Disposable plastic pipettes (standard, narrow stem or micro) or droppers (variety of mL)

  • Universal or ring stands, pipestem triangle, iron ring and wire gauze

  • Extension clamp, utility clamps, buret or pipet clamps

  • Bunsen burner with propane gas, alcohol burner and lighters

  • Laboratory Hood (For solution preparations)

  • Evaporating dish, crucibles and lid

  • Watchglass (variety of sizes)

  • Rubber stoppers (variety of size and styles) or cork stoppers

  • Mortar and pestel

  • Variety of solutions (Ask the Lab Tech: Daniel Martinez Sánchez)

Other equipment 

If you need other laboratory equipment and is not found on the list above, please send an email and information to:

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